Dunrobin Shores by Christopher Simmonds Architect

Dunrobin Shores is a 2,300-sqft (214-sqm) modern house. Located in Dunrobin, Ontario, Canada, the house was designed by Christopher Simmonds Architect in 2014.

Simplicity and openness define the experience of being in this modestly sized, yet perfectly proportioned modern home. To the river, a continuous wall of glass spans the living, dining and kitchen space allowing a full panorama of the passing seasons.

Away from the water the view is framed and edited by a simple porch. The porch roof has been opened to create space from nature, a single Japanese maple which is inserted as a foil to the simple black stained cedar cladding of the house. The garage volume is differentiated from the house by a cladding of grey cement board.

— Christopher Simmonds Architect



Photographs by Doublespace Photography
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