Casa R by Orma Architettura

Located at the very end of the village of Sotta, South Corsica, France, Casa R is a house designed by Orma Architettura for an artist in 2019. Built on a budget of €110,000 ($130,000), the house measures 49m² (527ft²).

The ground is a succession of rocks with a huge vertical drop, facing Omu di Cagna Mountain Range.

In order to rightly insert the volume between two rocky spurs, we imagined a very simple and vertical house that would have a minimum impact on the ground.

Taking into account its context and a tight budget, this project is very mineral and made as a simple volume sandblasted concrete in order to highlight its aggregate that converse with the surrounding rocks.

Imagined as a stone bloc built to shelter a programm, this work has very different interior ambiences made of different heights and wood windows.

— Orma Architettura



Photographs by D. Giancatarina & J. Kerdraon
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