Black Treehaus by Park City Design+Build

Treehaus is a four-bedroom modern home sited at 7,000ft (2,134m) in the extreme snowy microclimate of Summit Park, Utah, USA. Constructed to the highly efficient Passive House Standard, the black house, arranged in a series of cubic geometries, was designed by Chris Price of Park City Design+Build in 2018.

The TreeHaus is a site driven, highly responsive design + build project. Reacting to the steeply wooded site, the house is arranged in a series of cubic geometries that imbed themselves into the thermal comfort of the hillside, coupling the stepped retaining walls as external boundaries. Environmentally speaking, the home, sited at 7,000 ft in the extreme snowy microclimate of Summit Park near Park City, is designed to Passiv Haus standards with a highly efficient thermal envelope and energy systems. Socially, the spaces are arranged so that the primary public living areas are vertically sandwiched between to levels of private spaces, utilizing the stepped rhythm of the form as deck and patio space to create an open indoor outdoor experience. This house is a tribute to our rational to approach design + building in a more deliberate, modern form.

— Park City Design+Build



Photographs by Kerri Fukui + cityhomeCOLLECTIVE
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