House in Bergen by Kvalbein Korsøen Arkitektur

Kvalbein Korsøen Arkitektur designed House in Bergen in 2019. Situated in a typical suburban area outside the city of Bergen, Norway, the home for a family with two small children measures 130m² (1,400ft²).

It is traditional regarding form, material and building technique using a wooden frame structure filled with wood fiber insulation. The interior spaces are developed to provide different spatial qualities. The aim is to make a relatively small volume feel generous by using the classical tool of compression and release. When you enter through the curved, dark tunnel and into the open space of the kitchen/ living room, looking further out to the garden, you move through a sequence from dark to light, from tight to airy. The pine clad interior will darken with time and further enhance the presence of nature.

The economic situation in Norway the last 50 years har resulted in a sprawl of large and energy consuming single-family houses all over the country. This project sets out to develop the archetypical contemporary house into something more reasonable, at the same time investigating the duality between cost-effective construction and a richness in architectural qualities.

— Kvalbein Korsøen Arkitektur

Models and Drawings:


Photographs by Kvalbein Korsøen Arkitektur
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