Nat’s House by Studio Prineas

Nat’s House is a 1920s home renovated and expanded with new addition by Studio Prineas in 2018. Located in Sydney, NSW, Australia, the house was increased from 136m² to 145m² (from 1,464ft² to 1,561ft²).

The brief – Demolish an old, rough hewn addition, which separates our living areas and garden half a level below the rest of our home, and create a new seamless living space that will capture the natural light.

The result – Pure family joy. New airy living, kitchen and dining spaces, designed a level lower than the original home in order to be open to the garden, capture the changing light of each day via a dramatic, high internal ceiling and a north-facing skylight stretching the full width of the new living space.

A clean, minimal colour palette is given character and warmth by using textured surfaces, from white-painted recycled brick, grooved timber joinery and brass details to light-reflecting stone finishes and polished concrete floor.

— Studio Prineas



Photographs by Chris Warnes
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