Atlantic House by Bates Masi + Architects

Atlantic is a single-family house of 214m² (2,300ft²) built on a 3-acre (1.2-hectare) plot. Located in Amagansett, NY, USA, Atlantic was designed by Bates Masi + Architects in 2016.

Across the street from the property, in the low dunes near the Atlantic Ocean, a historic Life Saving Station serves as a cherished reminder of the maritime, military and architectural history of this coastal landscape. Built over a century ago, the station is part of a network of structures used to provide rescue and relief for shipwrecked sailors, and it was from this station that a guard once discovered Nazi invaders coming ashore during World War II. Designed with lookout towers, weather-protected cupolas and elevated decks, the stations offered many views for the crews to survey the horizon through all seasons. Inside, large, open storage rooms often featured boats, oars and other useful items hung from exposed beams for easy access. Taking cues from this structure, the design of the new residence strikes a dialogue with the landmark to enrich the experience of the new home and celebrate the local history.

— Bates Masi + Architects



Photographs by Bates Masi + Architects
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