Armadale House 1 by Mitsuori Architects



Armadale House 1 is a double-fronted Victorian-style house, transformed into a generous family home by Mitsuori Architects in 2013. Located in Melbourne, Australia, the home with a two-level addition has a total floor area of 300m² (3,229ft²).

The design concept proposed a sculptural two level addition which connects seamlessly to the north facing landscaped courtyard, terrace and garden. Special consideration was given to preserving the historical streetscape, with the new addition separated from the existing building by a glazed walkway to provide a large setback that ensures it is not seen from the street.

A series of simple folded planes have been utilised to define spaces, control views, shade windows, and articulate the form of the building so as to reduce the visual impact of the first floor when viewed from the rear garden.

— Mitsuori Architects



Photographs by Michael Kai
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