65BTP-House | Luxurious Residence

Located in Singapour, this luxurious residence was designed in 2013 by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd.

The main living and dining areas of 65BTP-House are placed on the first floor. On the second floor sits a cozy family area flanked by bedrooms on either side. The architects planned the basement to make it feel almost like being on ground level. This floor is dedicated to entertainment and relaxation. There are a spa room, movie room, large multi-purpose hall, and an outdoor barbecue area there.

This house is surrounded by a vast garden that converges at a colossal pre-war rain tree of such magnificence that its presence is ingrained within the very architecture of the house itself. Throughout this home are numerous encounters with nature whilst still being very much indoors.

Capitalising on the site’s sloping typography, the basement was designed such that it opens up into a lower section of the garden, thus making it feel almost like being on ground level. Interestingly, theskylights also provide a spectacularly clear view of the rain tree even from here.

Lovingly designed with a modern, nature-inspired theme, this house is a thing of beauty and a timeless piece that will endure through the ages.

— ONG&ONG Pte Ltd



Photographs by Derek Swalwell
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