Loft JD by Bruna Pires

Loft JD is a loft, only on the first floor, located in Panamby, São Paulo, Brazil. Designed by Bruna Pires in 2018, the renovated loft with the minimalist concept measures 100m² (1,076ft²).

We had the minimalism as premise, keeping the colors gray, white, black and brown (wood). Some of the references were also the New York´s lofts, so the brick wall white (where the TV is), the wooden floor, the stairs and the lighting in black. And to give a more sophisticated touch, we designed the TV rack on the “pau ferro” that matched perfectly with the rest.
All the furniture was also thought of in the initial idea, so the chosen sofa model was designed by the architect indicating where each module and arm would stay. As well as the overlap of carpets, leaving the room more longitudinal.

In the toilet, still with the minimalist concept, we mix two linings, the white hexagonal tablet on the floor and the Beatles, which is a ceramic tile brick, finishing with a black fillet to give the final finish. We rush with a retro sink with a round mirror.

— Bruna Pires



Photographs by Manuel Sa
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