Garden Patio of the Peppino Restaurant by Atelier 111 Architekti

Situated a few metres from the main square in Pacov, Czech Republic, this garden patio was designed by Atelier 111 Architekti in 2015. Part of the Peppino Restaurant, the terrace seems like a real garden thanks to the plants planted between its outer and inner shell, that rises approximately a metre above the surrounding terrain. It also protects the restaurant, located in the basement, against unexpected floods.

The object is not located on a typical vacant site (even though it might seem otherwise by looking at the neighbouring gable wall), but on a complicated turn-off of the adjoining street. The ground plan of the terrace is a four-sided polygon which matches the shape of the completely used up plot. Thanks to the plants planted between its outer and inner shell (rising approximately a meter above the surrounding terrain), it seems like a real garden – an unexpected green island amidst an asphalt sea. Relatively deep beneath the blooming greenery, on the level of the basement restaurant, a quite different act is taking place: within the boundaries of wooden slats, undisturbed guests sit at round tables, enjoying their lunch outside. The internal organic shape is not random; it responds both to the given spatial requirements for the installation of technical equipment (of the adjoining restaurant) and to the storage in the space between the inner and outer shell.

— Atelier 111 Architekti



Photographs by BFrankova
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