Weekend House by Pavel Míček Architects

Pavel Míček Architects designed this Weekend House in 2019. Located in Beskydy, Czech Republic, the house measures 185m² (1,991ft²).

Heaviness and lightness. Concrete embodies the heavy hollow platform, partially burrowed into the earth surface, with almost cave atmosphere. It hides larch bedroom cabins and service house spaces.

Two light larch boards, holding the free-flowing space with open views into mountain scenery, were then supported against each other on this piece of rock.

The undisrupted surrounding landscape around the house continues to flow almost unnoticed. The concrete shall turn grey and overgrow with moss, the larch wood shall gain greyish-silver patina, and the access path from sandstone stones shall be barely seen in the meadow grass.

— Pavel Míček Architects



Photographs by BoysPlayNice
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