Under Pohutukawa | Beach House by Herbst Architects

Under Pohutukawa is a beach house built on a site covered in mature pohutukawa trees protected under local authority regulations. Located in Piha, New Zealand, the house was designed by Herbst Architects in 2011.

We separated the brief loosely into private and “public” components, giving us smaller individual masses with which to articulate the forms. The private functions of bedrooms and garage are housed in two towers which are construed as freshly sawn stumps of the trees that were removed. To allude to the bark of the stumps the skins of the towers are clad in black/brown stained rough sawn irregular battens. The interior spaces are then seen as carved out of the freshly cut wood, achieved by detailing all the wall / ceiling and cabinetry elements in the same light timber.

— Herbst Architects



Photographs by Patrick Reynolds
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