To Catch A Breeze by HYLA Architects

HYLA Architects has designed a three-story intermediate terrace house, called To Catch A Breeze. Located in Singapore, the house measures 334m² (3,595ft²).

This three-storey intermediate terrace house has a unique rotating screen on its front elevation. Its cross section has an aerodynamic boomerang shape that serves to deflect wind on one side. On the other side the screen is cladded with timber to give privacy. This allows the occupants to rotate the screen according to their needs. This also gives the façade an ever-changing pattern that corresponds to the mood of its users. Inside the house on the first storey, there is a high ceiling and it creates good cross ventilation into a rear garden court. The staircase has a unique triangular cross section and is well lit with a skylight above.

— HYLA Architects



Photographs by Derek Swalwell
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