Studio for Two by Studio Wood

Studio Wood has designed Studio for Two using mild steel panels refurbished from used shipping containers. Located in New Delhi, India, the house for young entrepreneurs encompasses 1,200ft² (111m²).

The construction needed to be limited to a certain weight and was constrained by a tight timeline. The solution was to use metal girders and trusses to form the envelop of the structure with Mild steel panels refurbished from used shipping containers. Having young entrepreneurs as clients the program was simple, to create a multi-functional entertainment cum studio hub combined with interactive landscape features.

The roughly 600 sq.ft room boasts of an open to sky bathing area, cocooned with glass an two sides and exposed concrete on the other and a 5ftx15ft Skylight above the seating area to enjoy the night sky. The room virtually needs to artificial light during the day and only ambient light during the night. When required the sofa doubles up as a bed and with a simple switch in layout converts itself as a comfortable 6 seater to enjoy a movie on electronic drop down screen installed in the room.

The outdoor landscape with its multiple storey’s of planters on one side and informal swing on the other effectively plays its role as both a playful yet soothing atmosphere to enjoy both a drink at night or coffee in the morning. The staggered steps next the planter work as pedestals for art pieces as well as furniture when need be.

— Sahej Bhatia




Photographs by Rohan Dayal
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