South 5th Residence by Alterstudio Architecture

Located in Austin, Texas, USA, South 5th Residence is a 2,990-square-foot (278-square-metre) house, organised as a three-level series of volumes that step down. Alterstudio Architecture has designed the layout to avoid the roots of a Durand Oak that grows close to the house.

A 25″ Durand Oak and an unexpectedly steep escarpment created a powerful circumstance for a house that emphasizes view and a dynamic spatial sequence, while at the same time being an abstract backdrop for the serendipity of light and circumstance. The visitor arrives into a verdant courtyard under the majestic oak. A thin gabion wall at the street, evergreen plantings and a perforated, Cor-ten corrugated screen to the south, provide varying degrees of privacy and animation for the ensemble. A transparent living room hovers over the tumbling escarpment and reveals an expansive panorama. The visceral textures of concrete, mill-finished steel and raw stucco are presented against finely detailed millwork and custom site-glazed window walls—which are framed with rift-sawn white oak and steel to form flitch plate mullions.

— Alterstudio Architecture



Photographs by Casey Dunn, Nick Simonite
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