Ramp House by Andrés Remy Arquitectos



Andrés Remy Arquitectos has designed Ramp House. Located in a privileged plot in Patagonia Argentina, surrounded by forests and incredible views to the River, the house measures 650m² (6,997ft²).

This 650m2 home develops in section, obtaining three levels of uses interconnected by a central space, still maintaining the privacy of each room. The social area is located in an elevated level to get the best views of the landscape. It is accessed by an irregular ramp that creates a unique path towards the house entrance.

The private areas are divided in two, one sector for the visiting grown up children and the other for the parents. This way, the loudest areas such as the garden, pool and quincho are together with the guest rooms, while the master suite is located in a third level to ensure privacy and comfort.

The functional aspects and the singular way the levels are connected by a central green space give a special character to this home.

— Andrés Remy Arquitectos



Photographs by Alejandro Peral
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