Rabbit Snare Gorge Cabin in Nova Scotia

Rabbit Snare Gorge cabin is a summer getaway to an avid outdoorsman, who respects the natural landscape. Set in the rugged terrain of Inverness, on the coast of rural Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the gabled tower is the primary dwelling on a 46-acre (6.5-hectare) parcel of land. Completed in 2015 the cabin in Nova Scotia was designed by Omar Gandhi Architect in collaboration with Design Base 8.

The landscape of Rabbit Snare Gorge is defined by the steep slopes of the Cape Breton Highlands, Acadian forest, deep gorges cut by a babbling brook, and the rocky cliffs of the Northumberland Strait. The elevated position of the site allows for a long, wide view of the entire property including the head of the gorge leading towards the ocean. The procession from this rough landscape into the cabin begins with the entry and bedrooms on the ground floor, a double height kitchen and dining room on the second floor, and lastly the living space on the third floor with the final lookout view of the entire property.

— Omar Gandhi Architect

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by Doublespace Photography, Omar Gandhi
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