Portola Valley Barn by Walker Warner Architects

Walker Warner Architects designed Portola Valley Barn in 2014. Located in Portola Valley, California, USA, this rustic-style barn house is an extension of an existing dwelling.

The Portola Valley Barn is a dynamic space, separate from an existing main residence, designed for large-scale entertaining as well as relaxation. Reminiscent of the tin-roofed, weathered rural vernacular of the picturesque surroundings, the compound comprises three primary structures—a spacious home office, a home theater and a luxurious guest suite—connected by interstitial entryways containing a kitchen and powder room. The exterior of the main structures are composed of weathered materials intended to blend into their surroundings. In contrast, the contemporary interior features crisply detailed white walls, polished surfaces, and dramatic lighting.

— Walker Warner Architects



Photographs by Matthew Millman
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