Perfect Wall House | White Home by Rauser Design

Located in Austin, Texas, United States, Perfect Wall House was designed by Rauser Design in 2014. The house is built based on the concept of Dr. Joe Lstiburek, The Perfect Wall (The 500 Year Wall).

According to the architects,

Responding to the building science and the projected longevity of the structure, the design uses a static, simple geometry and materials with long life-spans that age gracefully. Finish layers are reduced to their minimum: subfloor is exposed as flooring and ceiling, shiplap pine separates interior rooms, stair treads become bookshelves. The siting is a result of the surrounding heritage pecan trees as much as it is of the current and future neighborhood context.

Every building system here questions the necessity of the complexity that we have come to expect in current residential construction. The plumbing and electrical systems are accessible in the crawlspace under the house and in the two horizontal chases along the eaves. The mechanical system is reduced to a mini-split system with a stand-alone dehumidifier and an energy-recovery ventilator. The format and layout then allow these systems to be completely uninstalled and replaced by the next generation without altering any portion of the structure or finishes.


Photographs by Casey Dunn
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