Objective Subject Offices by GRT Architects

GRT Architects has transformed a 19th-century building into a workspace designed more like a home than an office. Located in New York, the United States, the project called Objective Subject Offices measures 950ft² (88m²).

One enters through a working kitchen with generous counters at standing height, designed for editing large format printed materials but usable also for informal dining and events. Visible through an old textured glass door is an entirely black-blue room with wall-to-wall carpet. Poured over with light from the room-sized skylight above, the space envelopes you with an absorbing depth, texture, and acoustic isolation. Despite appearances as the nap-room, it mainly functions as an internal and client meeting space. Adjacent is the office where the milk-grey seen on the painted floors extends up to the color of the custom workstation, pin-up board, and shelving which wraps three walls continuously allowing the firm to experiment with different modes of work and collaboration.

The result is a collection of distinct spaces that compliment but do not imitate each other. Openings between rooms were left deliberately modest to accentuate the sense of departure when passing from one to the next. Throughout, custom plywood millwork is scribed to the irregular geometry of the existing walls. Modest materials were selected for economy and ease of replacement as much as aesthetics.

— GRT Architects



Photographs by Nicole Franzen
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