Meadow House by Office Mian Ye



Office Mian Ye has designed an atypical house within the setting of a dense American suburb, in Potomac, Maryland. Called Meadow House, the 7,000-sqft (650-sqm) home, nudged into the natural slope of the site, was completed in 2014.

Located within the setting of a dense American suburb, the neighborhood is lined with modern two- and three-story mansions, many of which are over 10,000 sf. The client was adamant about departing from what is typically built in the neighborhood by constructing a smaller, single story home. By taking into consideration the site’s solar exposure and context, the Meadow House reinterprets the traditional divide of American front and back yards to create living spaces that are deeply connected to the landscape, natural light, and the surrounding landscape.

The interior is broken down into two main areas: a place to entertain and a place of rest. A screened foyer leads around to the living room where a large skylight illuminates a pebble-lined garden below. In this open floor plan, the living room is connected to the chef’s kitchen by traveling around an open servery bar that divides the two spaces. Food is prepared and served at this bar during large gatherings, dampening the kitchen noise and commotion from the rest of the party. The bedrooms receive multiple exposures, encircling a Japanese-landscaped garden. This small outdoor space provides both an intimate gathering area for family as well as a transitional space between inside and outside. The interior walls facing the courtyard house a portion of the owner’s art collection, creating a gallery space that can be viewed from within the courtyard.

— Office Mian Ye



Photographs by Ehsan Khah, Mian Ye
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