Maylands Cottage Renovation by Dalecki Design

Located in Maylands, Western Australia, this original cottage was built 1940’s. In 2015 this old Maylands cottage was renovated and decorated by Dalecki Design Studio.

The owner of this original 1940’s workers cottage wanted the extension and renovation to provide improved functionality and quality of living, whilst creating a free flowing connection to the outdoors. This has been achieved through a clever re use of existing spaces combined with carefully placed additions.

Through smart design, every square metre of this small footprint cottage has been utilised to transform the original two bedroom, one bathroom cramped home into a spacious three bedroom, two bathroom open plan living. The once confusing layout with vast amounts of wasted space was re worked, transforming every room into a more functional, liveable space. Large expansive glazing to the north allows a large amount of natural light into the home, whilst providing a natural connection between the internal living space and the entertaining deck and sunken garden.

Overall the internal pallet has been kept modest, allowing the finishes, furnishing and art to be the hero of this now beautiful, modern home.

— Dalecki Design

Before the renovation:


Photographs by Dion Photography
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