Luxurious Spencer Residence in Sarasota

Designed by Guy Peterson Office for Architecture, this Luxurious Spencer Residence locates in Sarasota, Florida, United States. The house is designed to create privacy from the street and provide an outdoor living from within the walls of the residence. So it has many layers and innovations.

According to the architects,

The house is essentially two pieces, a vertical tower emerging from a horizontal base. This base is at grade and contains the principal living spaces of the house including the living, dining and bedrooms. Also there are three courtyards of various scales and a large outdoor space containing a pool and terrace. The tower becomes a carefully perforated element on the south side bringing in points of light into the two story living volume.

As a method of managing privacy requirements from the two adjacent streets, this house opens to the sky. There are a total of nine various openings within the base and the tower to capture light and enjoy the dramatic Florida skies.



Photographs by Greg Wilson
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