Layers House by Havkin Architects

Havkin Architects has designed Layers House. Located in Ramat Hasharon, Israel, this 450-sqm (4,844-sqft) house was completed in 2018.

This house sits on the land in an L-shape and speaks in a language of layers. First we opened up the house completely and then we started covering it with layers, like fine fabrics, layers of lace. It allows us to create a precious world inside. We work with trees, perforated screens and curtains. Where the light meets the interior, we see a game of projection and reflection; on the wooden floors, the walls, the ceiling, the concrete.

At night the house turns into a glowing lantern that marks where this family lives. It influences the atmosphere in the garden and in a larger scale impacts the quality of the urban space. These clients care about good aesthetics, good style and are aware of the responsible position of this house on the corner of two streets.

— Havkin Architects



Photographs by Shai Epstein
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