KSR House by Yapi Studyo Mimarlik

Yapi Studyo Mimarlik designed KSR House in 2016. Located in Bodrum, Turkey, the 350-sqm (3,767-sqft) house has eight rooms and eight bathrooms and is used as a guesthouse.

In the entrance of the building, the metarial being used the entrance door is continued through the facade to give the vertical effect. According to the customer’s needs, the barbeque area is designed with the industrial chimney in the terrace. The pool in the garden is renovated according to original one and the garden arranging is designed again. On the other hand, it has been aimed to create a calm atmosphere with using minimalistic and functional furnitures for the interior spaces. All guest rooms are having their own bathrooms and minibars, which are designed with the same comfort level of hotel rooms. Floor tiles are prefered wider for interior of the house. KSR House offers utmost delighted, enjoyful and cheerful environment to its owners with highly modern lines.

— Yapi Studyo Mimarlik



Photographs by Dogan Imamoglu
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