Invermay House by Moloney Architects

Invermay House is a contemporary home built on a sloping site. The original home on the site was a two-bedroom A-frame house from the early ’80s. Located in a rural area outside Ballarat, Australia, the Invermay House was designed by Australian-based practice Moloney Architects in 2015.

Living spaces on the ground floor engage directly with the outdoor and landscape spaces, whilst the upstairs bedrooms have views into the surrounding tree canopies. The cantilevered form sets up a dramatic view over Ballarat, and is oriented east-west to provide every room with access to north light.

The form is a simple linear block, divided internally into a series of horizontally and vertically connected open spaces. The envelope uses naturally fire-resistant Spotted Gum cladding, insulated in-situ concrete panels, and split-face concrete block to suit the site’s BAL29 bushfire rating. The cladding will be left to weather, reflecting the greys of the surrounding bush.

— Moloney Architects



Photographs by Michael Kai
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