House S by ATKA arquitectos



ATKA arquitectos has designed House S. Located in Porto, Portugal, the house measures 187m² (2,013ft²).

Four vertical planes open to the sky. Structural parts, trusses, boards, partitions and staircases of wood had been subtracted from its core, the surrounding shell stayed though contaminated by excessive deformation. Even if it may seem odd, the way light was passing through the “no cover” was absolutely spectacular. The sun was entering with all its strength burning the remaining woods, and filling it with shades uncommon in the houses of Porto that we had seen. These were the fragments that had been visualized in the first impact with that place, and then the project started around the idea of this house that looks in itself.

A staircase trims in curve a wooden slat plane that interposes in space, but before that, what precedes it is a transversal gap, a void of 8 meters of height and the total width of the house, that is characterized for having white and reflecting surfaces where sunlight moves, crossing its different levels.

— ATKA arquitectos



Photographs by ATKA arquitectos
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