Holiday Cottage by Toth Project

This Holiday Cottage was built in 2013 on a lake-shore in Kapuvár, Hungary. The house made of larch, and free from useless decoration, was designed in 2011 by Toth Project Architecture Office.

It is always a big challenge to design a lake-shore house. As architects we wanted to create something special, and something unique. The location is idyllic, and when we are there we feel a special atmosphere. Closed from the noise of the city and from the external world, the site is an island of quiet.

We imagined a house that is an organic part of its environment, soundly communicating with it. It has a simple form, ground-plan, and materials. Indeed, the building is a matchbox standing on one side, pierced through in the middle. Simplicity appears not only in the form of the building but also in the restricted application of natural and artificial materials. The whole building is made of larch, and free from useless decoration. In addition to the metal sheet roofing and the large glass window, only a horizontal, gradually fuming plank covering, as well as at the storage part a split stack of wood of small texture can be seen. Lifting out from the surrounding gravel, this produces a floating effect.

The sitting-meditating place beside the fireplace also serves as a wind-protecting wall. The large landing stage, appearing in almost a steel grey color, together with the rusty plate buttress behind, radiates a special calmness.

— Toth Project



Photographs by Tamás Bujnovszky
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