Frederiksvej Kindergarten by COBE

Danish architects COBE has designed the Frederiksvej Kindergarten. Located in Copenhagen, the kindergarten consisting of 11 small houses with play spaces organized around two winter gardens totals 1,700m² (18,300ft²). Officially inaugurated on February 4, 2016, the Frederiksvej Kindergarten was created in collaboration with Preben Skaarup landscape architects, Søren Jensen engineers, and Learning Spaces consultants.

At its core, a kindergarten is about creating a safe, playful and inspiring setting for kids to grow up in. The starting point for this kindergarten was to create a building from the eye level of a child. The design is based on a concept that kids are very fond of: the playhouse. As a series of small houses within a bigger house, the interior of the kindergarten is composed of several small and different worlds that vary in size and function. A house within a house becomes a recurring motif, both indoors and out. The aim is to create architecture that is comprehensible in the eyes of a child and to draw inspiration from the simplicity and purity of a child’s drawing. The result is a scaled-down environment consisting of many different worlds but also a place where kids can feel a sense of belonging to one specific house within the cluster of houses.




Photographs by Rasmus Hjortshõj, Adam Mørk
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