Floating Farmhouse by Givonehome

Givonehome has fully restored an 1820 manor home perched at the edge of a pristine Catskills swimming creek, two hours from New York City, USA. Called Floating Farmhouse, this 3,600-sqft (335-sqm) home is a mix of modern architecture and old-world charm.

Sited at the edge of a pristine creek, with a waterfall cascading over an ancient dam of hand-laid stone, the Floating Farmhouse was a sinking ship when first discovered. After a design and build process spanning four years, the 1820 manor home is now a study in contrasts: fully restored to its period grandeur while featuring purely modernist elements, including a curtain wall of skyscraper glass in the kitchen, polished concrete and steel finishes, minimalist interiors, and a cantilevered porch “floating” on the surface of the water.

— Givonehome



Photographs by Mark Mahaney, Marlene Rounds, Tommaso Fondi Photographers
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