Corsican Deer Observatories by Orma Architettura

Located in Corte, France, Corsican Deer Observatories are 4-sqm (43-sqft) wooden structures designed by Orma Architettura in 2018.

The corsican deer, an endemic species that disappeared in 1969, is now resurrecting along the years thanks to a reintroduction program led by the Corsican Natural Regional Park in 1985. This program, very successful, is now entering a second phase mainly based on information and education in order to raise people’s awareness regarding the fragility of the species.

The modest observatories, made of local wood, unveils an architecture at the service of nature. As evidenced by the interplay of shadow and light crossing the wooden clinkers made of wood of the nearest forests, the project aims at blending into the landscape without actually disappearing. At the same time marker on a map and viewpoint, these miradors benefit from a sensational panoramic view on the valley.

— Orma Architettura



Photographs by David Giancatarina and Julien Kerdraon
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