Chalet Grand-Pic by Appareil Architecture

Located in the magnificent woods of Austin, Quebec, Canada Chalet Grand-Pic was designed by Appareil Architecture in 2017. Chalet Grand-Pic comprises the main house linked with the matching smaller cabin by cedar decking. Both clad are in corrugated steel painted black.

The design of the GRAND PIC cottage results from a sensitive reading of the magnificent woods in which it is located. The objective was to let ourselves be guided and inspired by the characteristics of the terrain. From the very beginning, this experience allowed us to capture all the potential of the space’s different ambiances. The owners wanted a warm space, fit to host family and friends, in harmony with the environment. The GRAND PIC cottage offers, through simplicity and sober physicality, an experience of unique symbiosis between nature and architecture.

— Appareil Architecture



Photographs by Félix Michaud
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