Casa La Roja – The Red House by Felipe Assadi Arquitectos

Located in a mountain area of San José de Maipo, Chile, Casa La Roja is a small two-storey house, consisting of 87m² (936ft²). Designed by Felipe Assadi Arquitectos in 2018, Casa La Roja translates into English as The Red House.

Although the house was built on site, its dimensions are designed to allow for prefabrication. Each floor is composed, in this case, of the sum of two 840 x 350 modules. Each of the four modules of the house can be transported on trucks and assembled on site with cranes. Similarly, its symmetry allows for the addition of further programs to the sides, either on the lower or upper floors, joined through the corridor located on the side of the staircase.

— Felipe Assadi Arquitectos



Photographs by Fernando Alda
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