House 14 by Alvano y Riquelme Architects

Alvano y Riquelme Architects has designed House 14 – a small refuge surrounded by terraces and eaves. Located in the Casablanca Valley, Chile, this one-bedroom house encompassing 120m² (1,292ft²) was conceived as a house for leisure, social life, and contemplation.

One of the premises when imagining the possible uses of the house was “more terraces than interiors”. It was thought of interior spaces that were just, but that naturally extended their sense of space to the terraces, the spaces end where the eaves and their gallery they finish drawing it.

In a wild natural environment it was privileged to solve everything in a single construction. As a piece built autonomous of its environment. Its form explores through the perimeter gallery and the different slopes in its roofs a plasticity that separates from the natural, a controlled geometry on a hill. Without recreating the condition of slope, without slopes, a platform to enjoy the view.

— Alvano y Riquelme Architects



Photographs by Cristobal Palma / Estudio Palma
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