Capitol Reef Residence by Imbue Design

Designed by Imbue Design in 2015, Capitol Reef Residence is a small campus of structures totaling 2,550ft² (237m²). Located just outside of the Capitol Reef, Utah, USA, the residence is clad in corrugated Corten panels and cedar siding that naturally age to a self-protective patina baked on by the arid heat and desert sun.

The owners of the plot, two highly intelligent professionals with minimal design sensibilities and sharp wit, came to Imbue Design requesting the design of a small campus of structures to occupy the desert landscape. Their objectives were simple in principle though complex in execution: 1- design a main residence with guesthouse and studio outbuildings, 2- fill them with intimate nooks and gathering spaces, 3- immerse each space in the site’s unparalleled views accenting the two most prominent rock formations, 4- maintain the existing vegetation, 5- construct the retreat on a considerably modest budget.

The solution came by way of multiple shed roof forms extruded along ‘L’ shaped paths. The volumes ends are open in expansive glass walls to highlight views of the specified formations, while horizontal windows along the lengths of the volumes frame panoramic views of everything between.

— Imbue Design



Photographs by Imbue Design
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