Capitol Hill House by SHED Architecture & Design

SHED Architecture & Design has designed a new modern home called Capitol Hill House on a site originally occupied by a small cottage. Located in Seattle, United States, the new house measures 2458ft² (228m²).

By limiting windows along the sides of the house and focusing the glazing towards the east and west, the home establishes a strong connection to its front and rear yards while protecting its occupants from the heavily used side-yards of the neighbors. A walled and elevated terrace extending from the sunken living room claims the front yard as occupiable space and shields the fully glazed living spaces from passersby. This terrace and the adjacent front entry are partially framed by white walls and ceilings that extend from the interior, welcoming and protecting visitors. Corrugated metal siding and concrete site walls were used where privacy was desired, while wood windows, doors, and siding were used at the sheltered open ends where people interact directly with the building’s exterior.

— SHED Architecture & Design




Photographs by Rafael Soldi
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