Bjellandsbu – Hunting Lodge by Snøhetta

Norway-based architect firm Snøhetta designed a stunning hunting lodge named Bjellandsbu. Integrated into landscape beside a lake in the untouched mountain areas close to Åkrafjorden in Norway, the cabin is only accessible by foot or on a horse. Measuring only 35m² (376ft²), it can accommodate up to 21 people.

The structure consists of two curved steel beams, connected with a continuous layer of hand cut logs of timber on top – a meeting between modern expression and traditional Norwegian mountain cabins.

​Our challenge in this task was designing a mountain hut of maximum 35m2 with facilities for 21 persons. In order to achieve space for a amount of guests in a tiny space, we found inspiration in old traditions: a central fireplace as the gathering point. The beds along the walls works as seating in the evening – one furniture for the social, eating, and sleeping. A narrow zone by the entrance has equipment for cooking and storage.

— Snøhetta

Diagrams and Process of Construction:


Photographs by James Silverman
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