Bamboo House in Rural Brazil by Vilela Florez

Located in Pipa Beach, Brazil the Bamboo House belongs to a couple who spend most of the year sailing on a sailboat through the Mediterranean islands. Vilela Florez designed the house of 180 m² (1938 ft²) in 2018. The project was finished in only ten months by the customers’ request.

Given the limited time granted for design and construction, a simple volume with the rooms is proposed and connected by bridges to an outdoor living area, paved in stone as the traditional Portuguese sidewalks. This living area is protected laterally by two local- stone walls and shaded by a wooden roof.

The program includes, besides the gran outside living area, laundry, kitchen, and three rooms where their sons could stay with their family.

— Vilela Florez



Photographs by Maira Acayaba/G.F.Florez
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