A-Frame Bunk Cabin by Den

Catskill-based U.S. firm Den has completed 168-sqft (15.6-sqm) A-Frame Bunk Cabin accommodating two guests. Built in June 2020, this Hotel Room in the Woods features a loft bedroom and mini kitchen with 24″ (60cm) cabinets. Based on the national average of $153/sqft, the cost to build this model is $25,704 (€22,727).

Making camp has never looked so good. This bunk cabin plan is saturated by natural light bringing soaring 14-foot ceilings and an entire wall of glass to your own slice of Earth, wherever that may be. French doors open into the great outdoors while vented windows and a thoughtfully placed skylight invite the fresh air in. With a spacious lofted bed alcove and an optional kitchenette, this is the perfect cabin to be built in pairs or as a trio to host family and friends in their own space.

— Den



Photographs by Den
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