Tungestølen Tourist Cabins by Snøhetta

Tungestølen is a new constellation of nine robust pentagonal and oblique tourist cabins, situated in Luster in the western part of Norway. Designed by Snøhetta for Luster Turlag, a local branch of the Norwegian National Trekking Association, the cabins total 400m² (4,305ft²).

The main cabin at Tungestølen offers a welcoming space well-suited for collective meals around generous wooden tables. At its highest, the ceiling measures 4,6 meters, creating a social and spacious meeting spot with panoramic views overlooking the surrounding landscape.

Inside, the playful shape of the cabins frames the mountains and valleys outside through angular and panoramic windows, adding views and light to the spaces while encouraging individual contemplation and respite.

The main cabin also comprises a comfortable lounge framed by a large stone-clad fireplace, offering a cozy retreat from the sometimes-chilly summer days outside.

The remaining cabins consist of a dormitory and a smaller private unit offering approximately 30 visitors the possibility to spend the night comfortably.

— Snøhetta


Photographs by Jan M. Lillebø, Ketil Jacobsen
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