Past Turned Into Space by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Pitsou Kedem Architects has designed a ground floor apartment of 220m² (2,368ft²) called Past Turned Into Space, that was previously the home of Israel’s first Prime Minister. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel, the neo-classic building originally was designed by the architect Yosef Berlin in 1925.

The combination of modern design and the neo-classical structure from the 1930’s enabled the designer to create a world full of contrasts and tensions combined in one project; between elegant and industrial, between raw and ornamental, between simple and complex. Together, they enrich the structure, both architecturally as well as the relationships between the space and those in it, and tell the tale of two periods in one space.

The open balcony, the adjacent courtyard paved in terrazzo just as are the apartment’s spaces, act as a silent and elegant peninsular between the apartment and the noisy, urban surroundings of the outside world.

— Pitsou Kedem Architects


Photographs by Amit Geron
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