Office Reconstruction by Muxin Design

Muxin Design – a design and research studio based in Shanghai – has designed Office Reconstruction, situated in a high-rise building. Completed in 2016, this office with streamlined space has a total floor area of 111m² (1,195ft²).

Streamlined space with winding entrance makes people feel like straying into the Peach Blossom Garden when entering the office. Finally, an injection of fresh blood has been brought to the traditional office building. For the interior space, the designers have designed a peaceful and pleasant office garden without changing the original structure of the building, connecting the indoor and outdoor areas naturally and thus creating a new form of boundary. Here, people can escape the urban fog and haze, feel like working in a tranquil garden, which allows them to relax during intense work and thereby increases work efficiency. Curvilinear workspace contrasts with the rectilinear corridor, continuous curve divides the office into different spaces, providing people a completely different transition experience. The plants interspersed between tables enable the employees to feel the atmosphere of nature, and at the same time can effectively improve the indoor micro-climate and working environment. Plants are mainly those suitable for growing indoors, such as happy tree (Radermachera hainanensis Merr), with relatively low ferns and other small plants among them, making every corner full of green. Glass partition in the conference room blurs the boundaries of space, which alters the stiff impression of conventional partitions. Natural and lightsome are the themes of this project. Abundant plants bring an attractive highlight to the office.

— Muxin Design



Photographs by Zhang Da-Qi
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