Come As You Are by GASPARBONTA & Partners

Come As You Are is a luxury studio apartment designed by GASPARBONTA & Partners in 2017. Located in Budapest, Hungary, the apartment measures 69m² (743ft²).

I have to warn you, once you come in, I can’t help myself. This place is like me – there is only one thing on his mind, he always gets his way and knows no boundaries whatsoever. So are you coming?

The original state of this flat was devastating. Not the physical state but the missed opportunities. The client – an old friend whom we worked with several times before – was crystal clear about the purpose: investment. The location fits this perfectly, a corner from Nyugati tér, the northern end of Budapest’s nightlife. Walking distance.

We turned this weird connection of spaces into a two-bedroom luxury studio flat downtown, with heavy postindustrial features. The original concept contained strong contrasts, consistent usage of materials and colours mixed with our favourites, white brick walls, copper and various shades of grey. Both contemporary fine art and literature found its place in it quite easily, not to mention good scotch.If I’d had to describe it by using attributes only, I’d say its a bit nonchalant, a bit mysterious but practical and grand. Despite our usual rectangular space alignments, circles play a major role here, from the suspended lamps through the rounded corridor to the teams absolute favourite spiral staircase.

Come, as you are, as you were.

— GASPARBONTA & Partners



Photographs by Bálint Jaksa Photography
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