Vora Villas by K-Studio

Designed by K-Studio in 2018, Vora Villas is a small boutique hotel. Situated on a dramatic site on the edge of the volcano of Santorini, Greece, the property of villas carved into caves and cliffs has a total floor area of 265m² (2,852ft²). The villas are available for booking here.

The guestrooms of this resort are 3 unique and entirely separated villas that bring together newly built villas with an older traditional dwelling. The first, at the top of the site, is a renovated authentic cave house, typical of the local vernacular. Entering the house from the cave opening the first space is light-filled with spectacular views of what remains of the original crater of Santorini’s volcano. The second space, further into the cave, is cooler and darker offering respite from the heat of the summer outside. The third space, pushed far back into the rock of the mountain is serenely cool and tranquil, a total retreat.

The second and third villas are new buildings formed by the sharp cuts of the path slicing its way down through the site. Sitting adjacent to each other and below the cave, they each split the traditionally linear layout of the first villa, stacking one half above the other. This allows the rare luxury of natural and light and breath-taking views from both the lounge and bedroom spaces and also increases the usable space of each villa. Angled away from each other and towards unique and specific views, the villas are totally separated and enjoy full privacy.

— K-Studio



Photographs by Mirto Iatropoulou, Ståle Eriksen, Claus Brechenmacher, Design Hotels
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