Tree House Constantia by Malan Vorster

Tree House Constantia is a treehouse-like residence offered views of Cape Town forest. Designed by local studio Malan Vorster, the Tree House consists of four cylindrical wooden towers elevated on stilts, and measures 117m² (1,259ft²).

The building becomes a vertically arranged “clearing in the forest”, with living space on level one, a bedroom on level two and a roof deck on the third. A plant room is located at ground level below the building. The half round bays accommodate a patio, dining alcove and stair on the living level, a bathroom on the bedroom level and a built-in seat on the roof deck level – the pure geometries provide articulation to the spaces.

All materials are left untreated, and will express the passing of time as they weather naturally with the surrounding trees.

— Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design



Photographs by Adam Letch, Mickey Hoyle
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