Thong House by Nishizawa Architects

Nishizawa Architects has designed a row house in Phu My Hung, Vietnam, for a family with two kids. Called Thong House, the building looks like a composition of cubes and measures 325m² (3,498ft²).

The perceived quality of life in buildings should come from the geometry and how that geometry connects to human beings”. It was the initial thought we had when being offered to design a row house in Phu My Hung, a new urban development area in the Southern Saigon. This project could be considered as another attempt to find a contemporary living manner in row house typology. The brief was to get rid of the way of living we used to have in common town house, where the staircase in the center along with the corridor to access spaces covered by four walls which isolate people inside his own world. The client is a nuclear family, consisted of the parents and two kids with the explicit wish to have a home fulfilled with natural elements while being able to improve the spiritual connection between each family member.

— Nishizawa Architects



Photographs by Hiroyuki Oki
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