T House by Studio Arquitectos



Located in Tulum, Mexico, T House is a private residence designed by Studio Arquitectos in 2015 for a New York fashion designer who desired space with many textures, color emphasis, and adaptation to the tropical framework.

The design process is personalized to the client; if the client turned into architectural elements, Casa T would be his spatial presence. The aim was a composition of volumes and shapes, rhythms and textures, catching the spectator by surprise in several corners. Simple and complex at the same time, in a tropical scenario but yet elegant. The integration of materials was a composition based in an introspective of the client, working as well the interiors along with him.

The process of personalization reached such an extent that if volumes are analyzed from an aerial view, they form a “T”. There are some shades near the swimming pool that make a “T”. The niches left by the bathroom accessories in the showers are holes with a “T” form. The concept “coming from a city (New York) to the Tropical Caribbean (Tulum)” is written on the materials of polished cement surrounded by constant vegetation with a longitudinal swimming pool.

— Studio Arquitectos



Photographs by Loris Guzzetta, Pablo García Figueroa
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