Shoebox House by OFIS Architects

OFIS Architects has renovated a house, originally designed by architect Emil Navinsek in 1934. Located within the city center of Ljubljana, Slovenia, the Shoebox House consists of three boxes, stacked with 90 degrees shifts, and measures 228m² (2,454ft²).

Boxes are stacked with 90 degrees shifts creating overhangs and terraces. The volumes are claded in dark wood – spruce vertical lattice – in the context of the street architecture. The structure is combination of a concrete base, metal frames and wooden substructure. Interior of the new part is formed mostly by wall cladding creating integrated wardrobes and walls. The old house is simply renovated keeping all the existing textures and materials. Interior of an old house and new extension are connected in different layouts – new extension perforates through the old walls creating associated facilities: groundfloor as a living area, first floor with kids rooms and guest room, top floor with master bedroom and living. The heart of the house – intersection of volumes and connector of old and new is a staircase attached to a main vertical concrete wall. Inspired by Adolf Loos interiors forms elevated podiums, niches, wardrobes, small sitting areas and is partly extended into small spaces in the existing part of the house creating private living areas on each floor.

— OFIS Architects



Photographs by Tomaz Gregoric
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