La Serena House by Sebastián Gaviria Gómez

La Serena House is a contemporary house, located in a mountainous area of eastern Antioquia near the municipality of El Retiro, Colombia. Designed by Sebastián Gaviria Gómez in 2014, the house measures 315m² (3,391ft²).

The program had to be developed mostly on a single level, and in turn to have some open space at that level. Due to the steep slope of the site and to avoid the exterior space ending up as something residual, we chose to propose an interior courtyard, a space that is protagonist and epicenter of the house. It is accessed through the courtyard, which constitutes a threshold, a transition between exterior and interior, a kind of ceremonial space that one must pass before entering the domestic. Due to the topographic and climatic conditions of the place, the courtyard also provides shelter from strong winds. The house is entered around the circumference of the courtyard. In the design process, there was a profound reflection on the relations established with the territory. The house is in a visually privileged place, and its mostly radiated form follows the strategy adopted to maximize the contemplative relationship with the landscape. Thus the views framed by the openings inside the house change from space to space.

— Sebastián Gaviria Gómez



Photographs by OLMO Fotografía
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