Plús Hús – Tiny Prefab Cabin by Minarc

Plús Hús, which is Icelandic for “plus house”, is an Icelandic-inspired tiny prefab cabin of 320ft² (27.7m²). Launched by Minarc in 2018, the project is an answer to California’s housing crisis, so Plús Hús can easily go up in one’s backyard as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU or “secondary suites”). The completely customizable energy-efficient prefab comes flat-packed starts at $37,000.

As Icelandic natives and custom home creators, our origins encourage us to make spaces that are sustainable, high functioning and flexible. As Los Angeles residents, we are deeply concerned with our city’s housing crisis, as well as the enormous waste associated with traditional construction.

— Minarc


Photographs by Plús Hús
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